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Visualized Cloud Provisioning – Just draw it!

Cloud Visualization and Provisioning in real-time – one-click deployment. Get visibility of your existing cloud infrastructure and network topology in seconds. Create from existing or create new templates or patterns then deploy full application stacks across tenants, accounts, regions and new networks.

Kumolus Cloud Management – a picture means a thousand lines of code!

Visualization & Provisioning Features

Workflow Automation
Visualize your Cloud Infrastructure

Dynamically visualize your Cloud infrastructure in real-time. With no risk using Read-only access securely import all existing deployments. Every detail of the Cloud configuration is imported from VPC CIDR, ELB Security Groups, DB Encryption, Multi AZ and much more. Diagrams are then created, modifiable and the patterns can be deployed across any account, region or network … and exposed to the CI / CD pipeline.

Multi Event Workflow
Pictures as Code (Just draw it)

A picture really does mean a thousand words. Actually – it means a thousand lines of time consuming, error prone and costly coding effort. Draw a diagram and code is automatically generated. Provision directly into the Public Cloud providers. Utilize your in-house coding skills to deliver what’s really needed – business outcomes.

Workflow Tagging
Auto Document Real-time – no effort!

Dynamically generate network and application stack diagrams. As you draw in Kumolus or it’s altered by a native Cloud or 3rd party tool the documentation updates. Generate diagrams then export including all service configuration detail to include in your wiki, reports and / or change management process.

Advanced Events
Real-time Cloud Services Costs

Dynamically cost all resources based on their specifications, connections, security groups, route tables, instance sizes and more. As you deploy and configure a service that service cost is then added real-time to the diagram. Utilise to estimate Cloud services cost for your teams as a pre-sale activity and supply all the documentation including detailed configuration.

Service Reporting
Automate Configuration Validation

Reduce risk, increase quality and most importantly increase migration and deployment speed. Ensure that only the correct configuration is deployed. With over 1000 validations spanning network, compute, storage and database quality assurance increases by orders of magnitude.

Share and Collaborate across Teams

Allow multiple teams to clearly see what is happening in their application stacks. Setup RBAC controls to allow different teams or individuals – Managers, Developers, Security and Operations to visualise, update and provision existing environments, templates and patterns based on granted access levels.

Full product – 30 Days – NO Credit Card Required

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