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Simplify Security and Regulatory Compliance

Kumolus helps you continuously monitor existing application environments to continually improve your security and compliance posture.

By design, cloud environments can change quickly. This makes tracking of configurations difficult. Kumolus provides ongoing visibility across your technology stack to allow security monitoring & reporting.

Continuously improve your Cloud Security and Compliance Posture

Visualize Security vulnerabilities

Visualize existing environments within seconds and then overlay over 300+ security checks for AWS Well-architected, CIS, PCI-DSS. Immediately identify a design flaw or configuration oversight in the software application to gain elevated access to other resources.

CIS PCI HIPPA Compliance Standard Check

Simplify Regulatory Compliance

Achieve compliance with regulations such as CIS, PCI-DSS. Immediately understand services in a non-compliant state and take remediation actions to reduce your attack surface. Automatically check against the pillars of AWS Well-architected principles.

Identify Security Threats

Kumolus Security Advisor ensures your public cloud infrastructure is proactively monitored and provides the ability to detect 300+ security threats against Public Cloud Infrastructure. Enhance security posture and shift left DevSecOps practices to drive business outcomes.

“Kumolus provides compliance monitoring on Environments and Application configurations we have running in the Cloud”

Technical Manager – Fintech Specialist MSP

Cloud Security and Compliance Features
  • Security Visualization
  • Security Events
  • Compliance
  • CI/CD Integration