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Make informed decisions

Kumolus Cost Management capabilities help you make informed decisions by providing the information decision makers need.

Through a single integrated platform, Kumolus provides insight into Reservations, Usage Reporting & Allocation, Forecasting and Budgets.

Immediate visibility – highly configurable Cloud Cost Reporting

Cost Management Features

Cost Dashboard – Immediately understand Cloud Usage

Quickly look at cost profiles with the flexibility to break down your costs across the organisation. Whether supporting one or one hundred environments get a single view on your key cost indications.

Effective Cost Reporting

Generate meaningful cost reports in a few clicks. Fully customizable, with a large number of default and user defined reports. Save these reports as favourite and schedule for delivery as a PDF or CSV.

“Kumolus does more than provide reports against cost management best practice, it delivers actionable insights to help us ensure our AWS infrastructure remains as efficient as possible”

Cloud Delivery Manager – Large Multi-National MSP

Cost Management Features