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Effective Audit and Revision Control – Lower Risk and help Compliance

Good Cloud Audit and Revision Control is an imperative when orchestrating, running events or workflows and provisioning. Kumolus Cloud Management Platform allows you to track, audit and roll-back too any change made in your Cloud environment. This is true whether you are using native Cloud tooling, 3rd party software or Kumolus to make changes.

Cloud Audit and Revision Control Features

Audit User Actions – improve compliance requirements!

Audit Trail capabilities assists in troubleshooting configuration changes and provides an additional layer of reporting for compliance. Track users, actions, change type, old value, new value and date/time of change. Aggregate multiple changes as a single revision to make complex change tracking easy to audit.

Dynamic Revision Copy – roll-back in minutes!

Copy a revision and roll-back to a point in time. Create a template name, choose an AWS VPC, Account, Subnet and Route Table to dynamically map network settings. Point and click – Review Servers, EIP, Volumes, Elastic Load Balancer, Security Group, Auto Scaling Groups, Launch Configuration and Databases.

Revision Control – every change tracked!

Once you have created an application environment or discovered an existing Kumolus will track all changes in that environment. Keep track of each change by Kumolus, Cloud Native or 3rd party tool. Whether there is a single, or multiple changes a log will show revision, timestamp and a description of the user and change implemented.

Event Logging and Reporting – correlated event actions!

Rich event reporting to show you exactly what happen per event. Full event audit history. Filter reporting by Status, Region, Type, Frequency and run customised searches. Review multi-event workflows in a single view.

Drift Tracking – utilise Revision Control to Check Configuration Changes

Leverage revision control to compare dev, test, and production environments. Review changes in Production over time and have a complete audit trail of configuration changes. Improve change and release management – and reduce risk and incidents!

Track Native Cloud and 3rd Party Tooling  Changes – ecosystem friendly!

Kumolus does not stop you using other tooling. Once Kumolus is environment aware it will also track changes made by native cloud tools as well as 3rd party tools. If you make an automated change as part of your CI/CD release process a revision will be created. Whether you use AWS CloudFormation or Terraform it will be tracked.

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