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Reduce your Cloud Spend – Continuous Cost Remediation

Don’t waste money paying for what you don’t need! Cloud Cost Optimization capabilities to help you control cloud services related spending by monitoring, reporting and automatically optimizing Cloud resources. 

Continually optimizing Cloud Spend – no manual intervention!

Use what you need

Get the right information on your environment. Insights on when your environment is overprovisioned / underprovisioned.

Actionable insights to drive your costs down.

Automatically turn off unused services

Shut down anything you don’t need.

Automatically shutdown idle services, or turn off workloads outside of hours!

Take advantage of Commitments!

Reduce Cloud cost by knowing exactly what to commit too.

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Cloud Cost Optimization is a key part to any cloud environment, here’s the features that drive your cost optimization. Don’t be a hero or a zero just do the needful.


Idle / Unused Services
Instance Class Recommendations


Full product – 30 Days – NO Credit Card Required