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Managed Service Provider Solutions

Kumolus provides complete multi-tenanted tooling for Cloud Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs). We enable Day-1 service capability. 

Comprehensive “Partner Branded” Toolkit including Sales and Technical Presentations, Solution Briefs, detailed Service Briefs with delivery definitions, Runsheets and ROI tools.

“We now provision faster with less risk, deliver higher quality reporting and have automated cost optimization with policy driven workflows whilst reducing head count!”

Mohit Sharma, CTO RightCloud Asia

Transform to provide Cloud Managed Services

The Cloud Managed Services market is set to hit $50 billion is 2020. Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and traditional resellers who can successfully pivot their businesses to high margin recurring models by delivering Cloud Managed Services will be able to realise the growth benefits. Kumolus can help enable, provide collateral, training and transition assistance to help your journey to becoming a Cloud MSP. Ask us how?

Cloud Managed Services “in-a-BOX”

Immediately show complete visualization of application stacks, drag-and-drop provisioning, auto-generate documentation for change management, report and remediate security and compliance misconfigurations, report and automate backup, implement policy based cost optimization workflows, setup advanced schedule based reporting, set billing and invoicing that helps simplify business.

The Kumolus MSP platform provides automation that allows you to keep focus on your business, people and customer outcomes:

Provisioning and Orchestration: Cloud Automation and Orchestration features helps you to provision, start and stop servers, deploy and manage network resources.  Dynamically assign storage capacity, create container services, database resources and analytics capabilities. Manage visually or via API services. Use drag and drop visualisation engine to deploy full-stack  applications services with just a few clicks – fully costed and budget controlled.

Security and Compliance: Identify, classify and re-mediate potential security risks and exposures via our detailed drill through dashboard. Automate security validation against IAM, VPCs, EC2, ELB and many more services. Enforce security posture via template patterning and continuously identify anomalies within your Cloud security.

Service Optimization: Optimization capabilities help control cloud services-related spending by monitoring, reporting and automatically optimizing Cloud resources. The Kumolus CMP focuses on monitoring cloud infrastructure usage, tracks spending as it relates to resource usage and uses policy driven workflows to reduce cost without manual intervention.

Operational Automation: Continually identify and remediate out of compliance operational issues. Federate policies whilst giving delegated authority to tenants, departments, LoB and teams – invisibly enforcing security, business assurance and SLA requirements.

Network Provisioning and Orchestration

Kumolus helps teams manage complex Cloud deployments by providing complete application visualisation, configuration control, horizontal security privileged escalation management, knowledge and delegation . All this with no code, no agents and no lock-in.

Every customer you manage will benefit! You will save money, time and WIN more business!

For network automation Kumolus provides:

Security: Manage Network Credentials
Delegation: Using Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to create, provision, modify network and other service elements
Power: Leverage the Kumolus for one-click Provisioning
Control: Schedule policy based workflows to continually optimize application performance and cost
Flexibility: Save a full-stack application architecture and map to any new or existing network in seconds
Integrations: Leverage configuration management systems  like Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Saltstack
Compliance: Continually check complete application stacks against Cloud Internet Security (CIS) standards 

Compliance and Security

Kumolus integrates Cloud Management tightly with Governance, Compliance and Security by helping you define, continuously monitor and audit your policies.  Kumolus automates and controls the processes that allocate your Cloud resource deployment and configuration.

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Event Scheduling and Workflow Automation

Cloud workflow automation drives continual Service Optimization – Rightsizing, Instance Class remediation, automated start / stop / terminate, scaling services, backup compliance, etc need to be policy driven wherever possible. Recommendations on what to do does not help. We need to be able to action our insights automatically.

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“With a few clicks we now have multi-tenanted visibility of our service costs, scheduling systems, budget awareness and automated delivery of customized reports for all our customers”

Mohit Sharma,CTO RightCloud  Asia

Full product – 30 Days – NO Credit Card Required

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