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Kumolus Enterprise Cloud Management
Delivering on the promise of full-stack Cloud visualization, provisioning and orchestration with a focus on automated outcomes. Manage your Cloud deployments intuitively and with the confidence that any misconfiguration will be automatically remediated. When you scale beyond human control let Kumolus enhance service efficiency, reduce head-count, secure your services, drive policy automation and reduce cost.

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Real, measurable and policy driven outcomes for IT, Security, Finance  and Operations teams.

Cloud Visualization and Provisioning

Cloud Visualization and Provisioning in real-time – one-click deployment. Get visibility of your existing cloud infrastructure and network topology in seconds. Create from existing or create new templates or patterns then dynamically map and deploy full application stacks across tenants, accounts, regions and new networks.

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Cost Management and Optimization

Cloud Cost Management and Optimization capabilities help control cloud services-related spending by monitoring, reporting and automatically optimizing Cloud resources. The Kumolus CMP focuses on monitoring cloud infrastructure usage, tracks spending as it relates to resource usage and uses policy driven workflows to reduce cost without manual intervention.

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Compliance and Security

Kumolus integrates Cloud Management tightly with Governance, Compliance and Security by helping you define, continuously monitor and audit your policies.  Kumolus automates and controls the processes that allocate your Cloud resource deployment and configuration.

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Event Scheduling and Workflow Automation

Cloud workflow automation drives continual Service Optimization – Rightsizing, Instance Class remediation, automated start / stop / terminate, scaling services, backup compliance, etc need to be policy driven wherever possible. Recommendations on what to do does not help. We need to be able to action our insights automatically.

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“With a click of a button, we can deploy a server and a full-stack environment allowing us to focus on our objective of helping transform the business. Kumolus helps us quickly provision and manage resources in AWS without having to train people in code“

Brock Cremer, Infrastructure Services Delivery Manager

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