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Kumolus unique differentiator is the ability to dynamically visualise, map, cost, secure, translate and manage complex multi-cloud network application environments
Remove the Skills Gap associated with Digital Transformation
Automate and Simplify Complex Application Development
Provide end-to-end Cost Optimisation and Security Assurance

Platform for Digital Transformation

In order to break down the structures, processes and traditional ways of working that have been intrinsic with business success of the past, the foundations must be re-laid with Digital Transformation, DevOps and “Infrastructure as Code”  as the constructional fundamentals.

We must put a lens on appropriately building a platform for our organisations to embrace and take advantage of the Digital Innovation avalanche and deliver on how to correctly build a foundation that is solid enough to handle large scale complex application architectures without compromising simplicity which is the key to Digital business velocity.

Kumolus building the foundation for Digital Transformation

Utilising Kumolus for the fundamentals to visualise existing and build out new application architectures that are invisibly delivered as “Infrastructure as Code” sets a foundation and empowers traditional IT resources, individuals and teams to deliver real and immediate benefits to the organisations Digital Transformation initiatives.Talk to us about how we have successfully accelerated Digital Transformation for our Government and Enterprise clients.

Digital transformation, an imperative for all businesses!Please talk to use about how we have helped our customers drive Digital Transformation outcomes.

DevOps for Enterprise @ Scale

In large enterprises, the big challenge is convincing people to change the existing processes, technologies, and their views on DevOps.

With the business continually putting pressure on IT and its technology peers to deliver faster and more innovative products the requirement to not only embrace DevOps but collapse the value chain workflow is paramount for the survival of many organisations. Organisations need to select the right DevOps tools that pose minimal disruption, enable visibly powerful and measurable outcomes and can positively empower people to culturally change.

At Kumolus we focus on collapsing the traditional linear value chain by removing the technical complexities associated with embracing “Infrastructure as Code” in the Cloud and exposing the customisable infrastructure patterns as pre-approved, cost optimised and security compliant patterns to the application development teams that have been traditional  encumbered by lengthy, design,  engineering process and change management.

Historically architecture, developers and operations have been at odds, Kumolus provides a real mechanisms to establish a common framework in which success can be shared by all of these groups. Kumolus enables the harnessing of all the strengths of all parties in the value chain blurring the lines between multiple delivery groups into a focused DevOps  capability ultimately driving release velocity, automation and quality levels.DevOps .. an imperative for your Digital Transformation Journey!

Please talk to use about how we have helped our customers achieve DevOps results.

Strong Foundations for Cultural Change

Your organization has its own individual culture and most probably many sub-cultures!

Both employers and employees in large traditional enterprises believe culturally organisational inertia and functional boundaries are the primary impediments to delivering on their Digital Transformation aspirations. Employees believe that traditional functional boundaries are too rigid to support the businesses requirement for Digital delivery and executives are struggling with their teams that innately create barriers effecting cross team coordination. In order to break the cultural inertia real and demonstrable results must be delivered immediately and visibly.

We must provide our functional teams the appropriate tooling to empower them to be part of the success introduced by DevOps and “Infrastructure as Code” in the new world of the Digital Enterprise to realise any on-going positive cultural change.

Utilising Kumolus for the fundamentals to build out application architectures that are invisibly delivered as “Infrastructure as Code” empowers traditional IT resources, individuals and teams to deliver real and immediate benefits to the organisations Digital transformation initiatives and inherently the culture to keep this momentum continuing.

Kumolus helps organisations deliver on Cultural change by …


Delivering highly visible and powerful results quickly that people can own


Providing a common understandable framework across functional barriers


Assisting the change agents to demonstrate and share success


Invisible introduction of process automaton and innovation velocity

If you are struggling with a way forward with the fundamentals of how to culturally change “the foundations” to realise the benefit of Digital Transformation talk to us about how we have helped organisations with this competitive advantage.Cultural change requires strong foundations … the foundations to drive cultural change cannot be ignored!

Please talk to us about how we can help with Cultural Change.

Removing the Cloud and DevOps Skills Gap

One of the biggest challenges facing many organisations, even if they have the best Digital strategy in the world, is having the people with the right skills and competencies to execute on “the strategy”.

Kumolus focuses on removing the Skills Gap – collapsing the traditional linear value chain, removing the technical complexities associated with Cloud and DevOps by exposing the capabilities in a format that people immediately understand – Pictures.

By allowing people to visually represent a complex application landscape as a diagram, then dynamically and invisibly associating the enterprise Cost Control, Security and Governance around the objects within the diagram traditional IT architecture and engineering teams immediately become Cloud enablers and streamline the DevOps workflow.A picture means a 1000 words … a picture means no more 1000 lines of code!

Talk to us about how we have successfully removed the skills gaps for our Government and Enterprise clients.

“We have a significant number of people working in infrastructure services, and getting them up to speed with infrastructure as code wasn’t going to happen overnight, Kumolus helps us quickly provision and manage resources in AWS without having to train people in code.”

Brock Cremer, Infrastructure Services Delivery Manager at, Monash University