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Enterprise Cloud Management Platform

Kumolus provides the visibility and control organizations need to manage IT services in the Cloud

Automation and Orchestration

Deploy and Automate Complex Cloud Environments with ease

Cloud – Sample AWS template ready to provision

Visual Template Editor

A visual design tool makes building reusable templates for your environments simple.

Multi Cloud

Integration with multiple cloud providers allows you to choose the service that best meets your needs.

Automated Governance and Security

Automate the enforcement of your policies as part of your build. i.e Use tagging to ensure all production environments are backed up from day one!

Infrastructure as Code

Kumolus delivers the automated provision of Infrastructure-as-Code to ensure organisations can adopt, maintain and manage their cloud configurations programmatically.

Executable Documentation

Turn your Templates or Environments into high quality documentation. Review as a PDF design or press ‘go’ to have it provisioned. Always current!

Governance and Security

Enforce IT policies to maintain control of your cloud environments while still providing agility.

Cloud – Govern your AWS/Azure and Openstack environments


Enforce custom service tags across all of your objects to better manage your cloud services.

Security and Compliance Adviser

Find and fix, security and compliance issues across your cloud services

Workload Placement

Control your environments with workload placement rules – which cloud / VPC?

Key Management

Make sure access to your data is maintained across your organisation.

Role Based Access Control

Control access across your teams or application groups.

Cost Control and Bill Management

Understanding your cloud usage allows better management of the services being consumed.

Cloud – Know who is using what across your AWS/Azure and Openstack environments

Service Adviser - Cost

Find cost optimization opportunities across your cloud services.


Know who is spending what in your organisation.


Report on the assets consumed from the provider.


Understand your usage to help manage your costs.

Cloud Operations and Reporting

Gain visibility and take control of your cloud by managing performance, capacity and cost.

Cloud – Know who is using what across your AWS/Azure and Openstack environments

Policy based Automation

Write policies that allow you to perform events automatically. i.e Shutdown and Startup instances based on their tags.

Perform administration tasks at Scale

Administrator tasks per environment, or across multiple environments allowing you to perform bulk tasks based on requirements.


Provides visibility into service hierarchies to track and report environment changes.


Gain visibility of your existing cloud environments and identify opportunities for service optimisation.

Cloud – Existing AWS environment discovered


It is difficult to manage what you can’t see. Get a picture of your cloud environments in minutes.


Detect your existing cloud environments and maintain synchronization with the service provider.

Service Adviser

Find cost optimization opportunities across your cloud services.


Create real time documentation based on your active cloud services.


Delivers full transparency of your cloud services and environments.

Service optimisation identification

The Explorer will highlight the services in your environment that could be optimised.

Cloud – Know who is using what across your AWS/Azure and Openstack environments

Kumolus - Free AWS Explorer


Kumolus - Free AWS Explorer from Kumolus - Cloud Management on Vimeo.

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