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RightCloud- A SoftwareONE Company


RightCloud has transformed its AWS Managed Services changing the way it deploys, manages, migrates and optimises its customers in Amazon Web Services (AWS) so it’s highly cost effective, available, scalable and secure utilizing the Kumolus Cloud Management Platform.

RightCloud streamlines AWS Provisioning, Migration and Operational Excellence

RightCloud recognised that to more effectively scale its large and rapidly growing AWS Managed Service business they needed a solution that would lower their operational overhead and increase migration velocity for their customers.

After a successful PoC with Kumolus, RightCloud has executed a seamless and uninterrupted rollout of Kumolus across its significant customer base with hundreds of thousand of AWS services under management. Instant benefit was realised by RightCloud with full provisioning rollout delivered within 2 weeks, hundreds of 1000s in cost savings identified and immediate (and continuous) security perimeter hardening enforced.

“Kumolus are completely aligned with what we need to deliver and the speed at which we need to operate. They understand our customer’s and that’s our business.”

Mohit Sharma, CTO RightCloud

RightCloud is a leading cloud transformation company in the Asia-Pacific region with a focus on optimising AWS infrastructure so it’s highly cost effective, available, scalable and secure. In the APAC region RightCloud have serve the largest enterprises helping them Optimise their Cloud agility, achieve reductions in cost structure and improve customer experience.

Helping big business journey to the cloud the right way.

AWS Advanced Technology Partner
AWS Advanced Technology Partner – Cloud Management

Kumolus has been implemented across RightCloud AWS managed services customers providing cloud and network management, orchestration, provisioning, cost optimisation and security control at the “click of button”.

The Kumolus CMP allows RightCloud to quickly rollout new application patterns for its customers to consume and monetise without the need for time consuming design, architecture and / or budget allocation.

The Kumolus Solution delivered benefits in the following key area’s:

  1. AWS Orchestration and Automation
  2. Cost Control and Optimisation
  3. Governance and Compliance

The Kumolus platform provided complete integration across all three (3) facets of the benefit areas unlike any other platform available. The visual drag-and-drop pattern builder and orchestration is invisibly budget controlled and similarly the compliance and governance are enforced automatically without being restrictive on the Cloud application stack driving the business outcome.


RightCloud business is expanding at an exponential rate with customer numbers and size exploding over the past three (3) years. The management team had identified the following gaps in their current practices that needed resolving to sustain their unyielding growth rate:

  • Migration Efficiency
  • Resource Effectiveness
  • Incident Frequency and Management
  • Adherence to SLA delivery times
  • Delivery Quality
  • Cost Optimisation Remediation


With Kumolus now rolled out over the entire business RightCloud is enjoying the following benefits across its Cloud transformation and Managed Service business:

  • Service Catalogue with 100s of exposed patterns reducing Infrastructure design from weeks to minutes
  • Build quality increased by 400% reducing Incident Management
  • 20x Faster Design of New Application Templates
  • 10x Faster Provisioning of AWS Application Stack
  • Managed Services resource to AWS services management ratio increased by 200% in just 2 weeks
  • Security Perimeter vulnerabilities remediated before deployment reducing Incident Management by 75%
  • Standard Operating Procedures automated for faster Incident Resolution

AWS provides the service building block components that are the customer assets under RightCloud management service. These include a wide array of service capabilities including compute, networking and content delivery, security-identity and compliance, storage, database, messaging and analytics and more as required by RightCloud diverse enterprise customer stable.

With AWS expanding it services capability so does RightCloud further enhance its capability and breadth of service coverage.


Security is a major concern for all. Large enterprises spend millions of dollars on Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions. For midsize and small companies there is no solution which will be cost effective and give power to manage server access and authorization.

InfraGuard is a security product company that helps enterprises to manage system administrative access in a centralised location and help automates operational functions in a scalable and cost-effective way. It enabled enterprises with security governance and operations management

  • Kumolus Cloud Management
  • Amazon Web Services
  • RightCloud InfraGuard

“We are building new application templates 20x faster with much higher build quality. Amazing!”

Mohit Sharma, CTO RightCloud

Please speak to Kumolus or one of our partners to understand how we can help you with your AWS Cloud Management.

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