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PS&C Group Frictionless Cloud Management


PS&C Group has used Kumolus to streamline AWS Cost Optimization, dynamically start-up and shutdown demonstration, development and training workloads savings thousands in resource cost having the services available when required and on-demand.

PS&C removes thousands in unused services and automates environment start-up and shutdown.

PS&C Group needed a solution that would lower their operational overhead by effectively managing and deploying their customer training and development environments, estimating AWS infrastructure cost, delivering AWS cost optimization and scheduling environment run times.

After a two day rollout of Kumolus, PS&C Group’s Cloud division, Sacon has dramatically reduced AWS Service cost removing unused services, RightSizing instances and enabling tagging based scheduling automation.

Now Sacon’s training and development environments are shutdown after business hours removing over 50% of the running cost when not required. RightSizing resources has also helped reduce cost by identify Instances were spend doesn’t match required performance.

“Kumolus really helped us analyse and understand our AWS costs, automated our environment shutdowns and set budget alerts for our resource usage”

Con Gonopoulos, Sales Director

PS&C Group is one of Australia’s leading end-to-end ICT and digital consulting organisations, with over 400 expert consultants, and locations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra.

Founded in 2013, PS+C is listed on the ASX (PSZ) and works with many of Australia’s leading brands and government agencies. Since our formation, PS&C has acquired a number of expert consultancies, with the expressed aim of creating an Australian end-to-end ICT consultancy that understands our unique landscape and gives competitive advantage to Australian businesses

AWS Advanced Technology Partner
AWS Advanced Technology Partner – Cloud Management

Kumolus has been implemented across PS&C AWS environment removing unused services, RightSizing instance, providing financial reporting and scheduling environment shutdowns at the “click of button”.

The Kumolus CMP allows PS&C to quickly cost and rollout new application patterns for its customers to consume and monetise without the need for time consuming design, architecture and / or budget allocation.></span

The Kumolus Solution delivered benefits in the following key area’s:

  1. Cost Control and Optimisation
  2. Budget Alerts
  3. AWS Resource Cost Estimation

The Kumolus platform has dramatically reduced our AWS spend and continually gives recommendations on multiple ways to save PS&C group cost with no additional head count required.


With PS&C expanding their AWS development and training environment complexity, number and size the AWS Cloud spend was spiralling. The PS&C team needed an automated solution to help them focus on their business not Cloud Cost Management.

  • Cost Management, Reporting and Optimisation
  • Instances Rightsizing
  • Remediation of legacy instance types
  • Reserved Instance management
  • Automated shutdown of non-prod

With Kumolus now rolled out over all of the environments PS&C is enjoying the following benefits across its Cloud footprint:

  • Self-Service Cost Estimation
  • Scheduled Cost Reporting
  • Reserved Instance Management
  • RightSizing Instances
  • Visibility of Cost Allocation by Business Units and Applications
  • Automated scheduling and enforced tagging

AWS provides the service building block component infrastructure services, such as computing power, storage options, networking and databases that are delivered as a utility: on-demand, available in seconds, with pay-as-you-go pricing. From data warehousing to deployment tools, directories to content delivery, over 90 AWS services are available.

New services can be provisioned quickly, without upfront capital expense. This allows PS&C to access the building blocks they need to respond quickly to changing business requirements.

  • Kumolus Cloud Management
  • Amazon Web Services

“We needed tooling to quickly analyse our AWS environment costs, schedule environment shutdowns and deliver consistent cost optimisation services for our customers which Kumolus delivered out-of-the-box”

Con Gonopoulos, Sales Director

Please speak to Kumolus or PS&C Group to understand how we can help you with your AWS Cloud Management.

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