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Customer Success Stories


AWS Administration and Provisioning: RightCloud has transformed the way it deploys, manages, migrates and optimises its customers in Amazon Web Services (AWS) so it’s highly cost effective, available, scalable and secure with the Kumolus Cloud Management Platform. (Read more)

AWS Administration and Provisioning: With a substantial number of corporate and academic environments moving to AWS, Monash needed a way to manage its cloud resources for a wide variety of users on a massive scale. It chose the Kumolus Cloud Management Platform for drag-and-drop, full-stack AWS provisioning, governance, and automation. (Read more)

AWS Resource and Cost Optimisation: Kumolus has been implemented across PS&C AWS environment removing unused services, RightSizing instance, providing financial reporting and scheduling environment shutdowns at the “click of button”. The Kumolus CMP allows PS&C to quickly cost and rollout new application patterns for its customers to consume and monetise without the need for time consuming design, architecture and / or budget allocation. (Read more)


Resource and Cost Optimisation: With business growth driving AWS Cloud consumption, the RightCloud team were wasting too much time managing costs, budgets, optimisation and reporting across their many enterprise AWS customer environments. Kumolus has been implemented across RighCloud AWS environment providing cloud cost optimisation, financial reporting and security control at the “click of button”. (Read More)