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Centre of Information Security – CIS AWS Security Foundations Benchmark – Introduction

The Centre of Information Security is a forward thinking, not for profit organization that leverages the global IT community to publish a number of compliance standards. These compliance standards have become common practise in private and public organizations all over the world.

The CIS AWS Security Foundations is a great baseline standard for AWS. The standard has continued to evolve over the last few years due to the commitment of its members / community.

How can Kumolus help?

Kumolus allows you to audit your AWS Accounts against the CIS AWS Security Foundations Benchmark. It allows you to produce reports of your cloud services.

CIS Compliance Standard Check
CIS Compliance Standard Check

CIS AWS Security Foundations Benchmark Resources

Centre of Information Security
CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark Standard

CMP (SaaS) CMP (Enterprise)
Build and Manage
Template Designer (Provisioning, Cost Forecast, Revisions)
Manage (Changes, Documentation, revisions)
Discovery / Brownfields
Cost Service Adviser
Full Discovery
Workload Placement
Technology Selection
Key Management
Security Adviser and Recommendations
Cost Usage
Cost Savings and RightSizing
Reserved Instance Adviser
Operational / Usage Reports
Local Users
Virtual Appliance (AWS Marketplace)
Data stored in your AWS Region
Hosted inside your Region