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Cloud Managed Services Success with Advent One

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Kumolus Cloud Management

Problem Solved:

Advent ONE has transformed the way it provides Cloud Managed Services to it’s clients; streamlining discovery, provisioning, migration, security compliance and cost optimisation. Advent One can now deliver full-stack management capability for Cloud Infrastructure, Containerised Platforms, Data Management, Cyber Security and Governance Risk & Compliance using Kumolus for Core Cloud Managed Services.

Advent ONE streamlines Cloud Managed Services

Advent One recognised that to more effectively scale its large and rapidly growing Cloud Managed Service business, they needed a solution for Cloud Management that would lower cost for their clients, reduce operational overhead, provide day-zero discovery and management, to accelerate migration velocity for their customers.

After successfully integrating Kumolus as a component of Platform ONE, Advent One’s managed solution now delivers packaged best of breed components as a single solution, reducing complexity and ensuring quality for it’s clients as they consume modern IT services from the catalogues of Advent One Services.

“Kumolus enables us to visually manage complete Cloud environments. They are laser focused on removing cost and complexity which allows customers to focus on their business”
Talor Holloway, CTO Advent ONE

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Advent One’s message is simple, “We do what we do so you can focus on what matters most to your business.”

Advent One is a long-standing IT service provider in the Australian market head-quartered in Melbourne and with offices in Adelaide and Sydney. We are proud to say that we are a business, that is owned by our people.

At Advent One, we pride ourselves on making customer challenges our own. We are recognised for solving intricate dilemmas, not only making technology work, but building foundations that you can grow upon, in an effective and secure way.

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As the Advent ONE business expands into Cloud Managed Services with customer numbers and size exploding, so was the need for a comprehensive Cloud Service Management solution to automate manual tasks.

The management team identified the following gaps in their Cloud Managed Services capability that needed resolving to sustain their unyielding growth rate:

  • Cloud Provisioning
  • AWS Well Architected Automation
  • Cost Optimisation Automation
  • CIS and PCI DSS Security Compliance
  • Patch Management
  • Backup Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Audit and Revision Control


Kumolus has been implemented across Advent ONE managed service customers providing cloud visualisation, cost optimisation, governance, compliance, and security control at the “click of button”.

The Kumolus CMP allows Advent ONE to quickly rollout new application patterns for its customers to consume and monetise, without the need for time consuming manual tasks which are automated by Kumolus.

The Kumolus Solution delivered benefits in the following key areas:

  • Cost and Resource Optimisation
  • Security, Governance and Compliance

The visual nature of the Kumolus platform allows easy identification of area’s that can be better cost optimised, that are misconfigured and that are not compliant to regulatory standards.


With Kumolus now integrated with Platform ONE, the business and its clients are realising the following benefits:

  • 30% cost reduction in AWS services – continual optimisation including deletion of unused services, idle assets, Reserved Instance management and Rightsizing of instances
  • Automated Well Architected and CIS security reporting – continually checking against security, logging, monitoring, performance, and availability best practices
  • Real-time application visualisation – providing full-stack architecture views and dynamic “one-click” PDF documentation
  • Policy based cost remediation workflows – reducing repetitive and error prone tasks
  • Full cost reporting and custom reporting capability allowing detailed view of Cloud spend
  • Cloud backup management and governance lowering business continuity risk and compliance


AWS provides the service building block components that are the customer assets under Advent ONE management services. These include a wide array of service capabilities such as compute, database, storage, networking, security-identity, messaging and analytics and more, as required by Advent ONE diverse enterprise customer portfolio.

With AWS expanding its services offerings, so does Advent ONE further enhance its capability and breadth of service coverage for its customers.

ABOUT Platform ONE

Platform ONE is a packaged offering with the simple goal of accelerating your cloud journey by packaging tried and tested components integrated by Advent One.Whilst Advent One’s managed services capabilities are consumed from a catalogue of services, we’ve found that evaluating, integrating and packaging up best of breed components as a single solution, will reduce complexity and ensure quality when consuming modern IT services.

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