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Automating AWS Customer Success

Kumolus AWS Customer Success

On-boarding Plan

Ensuring your success is our absolute obsession and driving AWS Customer Success is our passion.

Kumolus and its partners provide a comprehensive on-boarding program during the initial 3 months of utilising the platform. We have learnt and developed a structured approach based on our experience with many customer deployments that we leverage to provide a framework to ensure a good outcome for you.

Our approach uses a balance of training, planning, hand’s on configuration, implementation and service optimization assistance that we will align with your Success metrics. We will work with you to understand what “Success” means to you and your organisation.

The Customer Success Plan will be customized based on what you think is important, communicated and executed against — so we can deliver on those expectations.

Each customer will be assigned a Technical Account Manager (TAM) to ensure that the on-boarding plan is followed, and AWS customer success is realized. Post on-boarding the TAM will be responsible for regular Service Optimization reporting to key customer stakeholders and ensure that any outstanding and / or new value add capabilities are implemented.

Kumolus Cloud Financial Dashboard


Customer Responsibilities

Success requires commitment from the Kumolus team and your team. You will need to identify an Executive Sponsor, a Kumolus Cloud Lead and a Customer Technical Lead from within your organisation to champion and drive platform integration, implementation, optimization and automation functions.

Key Kumolus Resources
  • Account Executive (AE)
  • Technical Account Manager (TAM)
  • Training Manager (TM)
  • Customer Support Engineer (CSE)
Executive Sponsor Kumolus Cloud Lead Cloud Engineer
The Executive sponsor will be a senior member of staff who is responsible to the business to ensure delivery of business case outcomes and will advocate on behalf of team to drive success of the project. The customer Kumolus Cloud Lead is responsible for project delivery and oversee ecosystem integration, configuration, security requirements, governance, optimization, automation, reporting and transition to operations. The Cloud Engineer is responsible for the operations, integration and configuration of the Kumolus platform. Ultimately this resource will be the Kumolus product specialist with your organisation.

The services described in this document are for customers who have committed to the On-boarding Customer Success Planning engagement. Further services may be requested from Kumolus and / or our Partners for other requirements such as ITSM, CI/CD integration, Enterprise Backup, APM, WAF, VAPT, Monitoring, End-point Security and Change Management automation.

Please speak to your Kumolus representative for further discussion on additional Professional Services requirements.



Installation Configuration Operation


  • Kick-off Meeting
  • Business Case Review
  • Integration Review:
  • Configuration Management
  • Change Management
  • Security
  • Orchestration
  • Training Req.
  • SAML Setup
  • Account (Adapter) Setup
  • RBAC Setup
  • Brown- fields Discovery
  • Visualization
  • Basic Provisioning – Network, Compute, DB & Storage
  • Training (Basic)
  • Service Manager
  • Provisioning / Service Design
  • Patterns & Templates
  • SOE Management
  • Naming & Tagging
  • Backup Preferences
  • Tenants Setup
  • Reporting
  • Training (Basic)
  • Applications & environments
  • Compliance
  • Reserved Instance Management
  • Event Reporting
  • Cost Advisor
  • Advanced Workflow Orchestration
  • Custom Reporting
  • Report Automation
  • Backup Events
  • Training (Adv)
  • Workflow / Event Automation
  • Opt-In/Out Workflows
  • Service Selection
  • Condition Management
  • Utilising Tags for Policy automation
  • Start / Stop
  • Terminate
  • RightSizing
  • Training (Adv)
                                                                                  Cloud Visualization

Examples of the skill sets of the TAM include:

  • Kumolus Certified Consulting Engineer
  • AWS Certified Solution Architect with Specialization
  • Industry-recognized certifications
  • Design and architecture training
  • Expertise to assist customer with service design, including: – Orchestration / Workflow Integration – Cost Optimisation, Service Optimisation, Governance – Security and Compliance – Service-level management – Capacity management – Availability management
  • Knowledge to participate in customer’s strategy, design and project management meetings

Prior to starting Planning, it is your responsibility to have the following configuration information available for the Kumolus TAM resource to complete initial platform setup to provide Baseline information to you during the project Kick-off meeting – Relevant Cloud Account Access, SAML configuration, 3rd Party Integration requirements.


Imperative to team alignment – the Business Case will be reviewed by the Account Team and restated as the foundation for the Customer Success Plan. This will be re-confirmed with you during the Kick-off Meeting, so all parties are aligned regarding expected outcomes.

The Kumolus team will review the high-level on-boarding plan with you and work with you to understand integration requirements that may be particular to your environment(s). The TAM will request access to your Kumolus platform prior to the kick-off meeting to develop an initial report for you to have as a baseline from which to work forward.

The TAM will also lead the discussion as required during the kick-off meeting to review your current implementation, Cloud environment, configuration, and ecosystem tooling to identify best strategy for production deployment.

Note: Further services may be required based on the complexity of your individual requirements.


The TAM will ensure that the Cloud Management SaaS or AMI platform is accessible and configured to run within your ecosystem and includes but not limited to the following:

  • Single Sign-on Integration – ADFS, Okta, auth0, etc
  • Fundamental Customer Cloud Account Check-up
  • AWS / Azure Account or Organisation Setup
  • Dashboard Review
  • RBAC Controls for Users and Groups
  • Brown Fields Environment (Visualisation)
  • Foundational Financial Reporting (Identify Cost Optimisation candidates)
  • Perimeter Security Reporting
  • Basic Provisioning and Template Control
  • Setup Daily Email Reporting (Finance Overview)

The TAM will assist you with setting up Cloud ITSM foundations, configuration management, basic governance capabilities to allow you to manage your environments effectively and provide training to your resources on the relevant modules.

  • Service Manager – view and review all Services (Configuration, related Services, Performance, etc)
  • Provisioning / Service Design
    • Save, Reuse and Deploy using full-stack Infrastructure Patterns
    • View running Environments and untagged Services
  • Infrastructure / Service Design using Drag-and-Drop Visualisation Builder
    • Configure VPC, VNET, Availability Zones, Subnet, ASG
    • Save as “CloudFormation” or ARM Infrastructure as Code
  • SOE Management
    • Select appropriate AWS AMI and Azure VM
    • Setup Public and Private, Provider, Architecture, Virtualization and Root Device Requirements
    • Fetch any private AMI and / or VM resources
    • Define SOE Configuration Templates – Instance type, RBAC, User Data Scripts, Run Commands
    • Setup SOE Configuration Categories – E.g. Orchestration, Audit, Pen Test, etc
  • Naming & Tagging – Enable
    • Set naming convention standards by Service Type
    • Set tagging convention by Key – and variables
  • Backup Preferences
    • Configure Source Service Selection – define out-of-region (Bunker) options
  • Reporting – setup out-of-the-box reports
  • Training (Aligned Modules)

The TAM will assist you setting up operation management features of Kumolus to analyse, report, recommend and orchestrate advanced features and provide training to your resources on the relevant modules.

  • Applications & Environments
    • Managing Environments – by Status, Provider, Account
    • Environment – documentation, service details
    • Unallocated Services
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Reserved Instance Dashboard
    • RI Calculator, Utilization, Recommendations, Reporting
  • Cost Advisor
    • Report / Identify Unused, Idle and Optimization Service targets
  • Advanced Orchestration
    • Workflow automation for Continual Cost Optimization
  • Custom Reporting – creating reports for customers
    • Financial Reporting – setup by account, tags, region, services, periods, etc
    • Setup charging types – Unblended, amortised, recurring, upfront, taxes, support
  • Report Automation – Scheduling custom reports
    • Save favourites and schedule for delivery to relevant stakeholders
  • Backup Automation and Reporting
    • Setup backup preferences – service selection, Bunker options and Account destination
  • Training (Aligned Modules)
Workflow Automation


The TAM will work with your Kumolus Cloud Engineer to implement policy-based workflows that will be continually executed across your Cloud estate. These will ensure that continual cost optimisation is achieved, backup governance is always in place and business recovery position is assured.

  • Workflow / Event Automation
    • Setup automation policies for services start / stop / terminate
    • Configure RightSizing and Service / Instance Class Management
    • Setup backup policies – utilizing Backup Preferences
    • Reporting on Event Scheduler
  • Condition Management
    • Define and configure service Idle conditions for Server, RDS, Volumes, Load Balancers, Auto-Scaling Groups, Volume Snapshots, RDS Snapshots
  • Event / System Reporting
    • Tracking for Event Reporting, Trouble shooting and Management
    • Tracking for Audit and Compliance
  • Opt-In/Out Stakeholder Management
    • Understand Opt-In/Out workflow setup – email notification and Messaging Integration
    • Tracking stakeholder optimisation outcomes
  • Service Selection utilizing Tags
    • Utilising Tags
  • Utilising Tags – advanced tagging and service selection
  • Training (Aligned Modules)

Also enjoy on-going assistance from the Account team including regular feature release updates and open access to our support teams with the ability to open unlimited support and enhancement requests.

The Kumolus team welcome are always striving to make our Platform better for our Partners and Customers. We appreciate all submissions for enhancement requests and will make every effort to develop capability for your organisation if there is reuse opportunity.

The TAM will work with your team on an on-going basis holding regular Product and Feature update sessions and also Executive Business Reviews (EBRs) every 6 months to ensure optimization is being realized, compliance is meeting regulatory compliance requirements and report on the general health of your Cloud estate(s).

Enjoy and realize AWS Customer Success with Kumolus Cloud Management

  • Unlimited Support
  • Email and Web-based ticketing
  • Online ticket ID tracking
  • Access to online documentation
  • TAM available for escalations

“With a click of a button, we can deploy a server, Load Balancers, VPCs, Subnets, Subnet Groups, Databases, EBS Volumes and more with full configuration control, providing full-stack environment deployment in seconds. This allows us to focus on our objective of helping transform the business. Kumolus helps us quickly provision and manage resources in AWS without having to train people in cumbersome code“

Brock Cremer, Infrastructure Services Delivery Manager

Full product – 30 Days – NO Credit Card Required

Kumolus Cloud Partners



Please reach account to your Kumolus representative for more information.