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Kumolus and NetApp WP – why it’s time to rethink your DevOps Processes

From complexity to simplicity: Why it’s time to rethink your DevOps processes

5 ways to modernise and automate your DevOps toolchain

By now, you’ve probably heard about digital transformation and “the cloud.” A move to the cloud typically involves transforming the way you deliver infrastructure to support application development and release velocity. The cloud can help you elastically build, manage, monitor, launch, test, and optimise your application development and release processes – which, in turn, should help you launch applications at scale with more speed and predictability.

However, modern cloud infrastructure and native tooling is only part of a digital transformation solution. Along with an investment in native cloud technologies, you also need to shake up and modernise processes and the technologies that allow you to deploy applications at scale to support enterprise DevOps outcomes.

DevOps combines development and operations—including tooling, processes, and culture—into your application development and release process. Modern DevOps incorporates cloud tools for digital transformation that can serve as a foundation for updating and automating your processes. DevOps can help you simplify infrastructure management, continuously and quickly deliver code, automate your release processes, and monitor your application and infrastructure performance.

Some key points of focus when thinking about Enterprise DevOps

1. Automate Manual Processes

2. Use repeatable processes—such as templates —for scale

3. Make infrastructure as code a reality

4. Consistently and continuously develop and test—and use containerisation

5. Shift your culture—and your tools

Download the Kumolus NetApp Whitepaper – From complexity to simplicity: Why it’s time to rethink your DevOps processes

Integration with NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP and NetApp Cloud Volumes Service

Kumolus, used in conjunction with Cloud Volumes ONTAP and Cloud Volumes Service, helps you create a comprehensive and complex infrastructure environment, including network and database components, storage features, and security patterns. Cloud Volumes ONTAP copies the data set quickly. Kumolus then creates a unified artifact made up of the data set plus the applications around it. This is significant because the DevOps tool chain doesn’t know what to do with the data alone.

Kumolus takes advantage of underlying Cloud Volumes ONTAP or Cloud Volumes Service capabilities and components for enterprise-scale snapshotting capability. For example, if you need to make changes to an existing application, you can bring it in to your existing environment and add extra capabilities. Using Cloud Volumes ONTAP, you can rapidly take a snapshot of that data and attach it, and test it through your entire DevOps toolchain.

Visits https://cloud.netapp.comfor information about NetApp Cloud ServicesPlease speak to Kumolus, NetApp or one of our partners to know more about how we can help.

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