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Cloud Service Management .. not just Cost Management and Optimisation

Cloud Service Optimisation is often the poor cousin to Cloud Cost Management and Optimisation. Many organisations look at Cloud Bill Shock and only look in the rearview mirror to address the immediate cost issue but should be looking further to enforce good service controls without limiting productivity.

The key elements to good Cloud Service Management are:

  • Automation and Orchestration
  • Governance, Assurance, Security and Compliance
  • Centralised Service Management
  • Cost Management and Optimisation

Kumolus helps organisations address good Cloud Service Management by federating management and enabling delegated autonomy.

Custom Cloud Cost Reporting

Some elements that should be considered when looking at Cloud Service Optimisation …

  • Dynamic Full-stack Visualisation (Self-documenting)
  • Application Stack Revision Control and Roll-back
  • Pattern / Template Build and Management
  • Network configuration Controls
  • Flexible RBAC Controls
  • SOE Management
  • Real-time Configuration Tracking
  • Backup Automation (Enforced and autonomous)
  • Centralised Service Management for all Accounts
  • Tagging Automation and Remediation
  • Event Scheduling
  • Audit (Native Cloud provider and 3rd party tools)

Ultimately getting Cloud Optimization automated will deliver to the business what they are looking for – accelerated business outcomes with less risk and reduced cost!

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