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Automating Cloud Cost Management and Optimisation

Cloud Cost Management and Optimization is one of the on-going Cloud challenges.  Many organisations are moving to the Cloud at speed. Most enterprises are good at building and deploying Cloud services. A lot of organisations struggle to run their Cloud environments cost effectively.

There are a number of elements to take into account when thinking about Cloud Cost Optimization.

Kumolus allows you to automate and effectively manage the following ..

  • Budget Alerting
  • SOE Management
  • Tagging Remediation
  • Resource Tagging and Tagging Automation
  • Idle, Unused, Under utilised resources
  • Scheduling shutdown automation
  • Disconnected Services Remdiation
  • S3 / Block Blob Pricing Tier Reporting
  • Reserved Instance Recommendations
  • Rightsizing Instance Analysis
  • Custom Report Automation
  • Chargeback, Show-back and Invoice reporting
  • Snapshot Deletion

Kumolus gives you a Cloud Efficiency rating based on above and click through visibility on what to address …

AWS and Azure Cloud Cost Management and Optimization

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Cloud Cost Management is just one component of running an optimized Cloud environment. Organisations need to look at all of the following attributes to truly optimize Cloud outcomes for the business not just the finance department struggling with an ver increasing Cloud Bill.

Kumolus helps you optimise your Cloud environment in all of the below areas:

  • Automation and Orchestration
  • Cost Management and Optimization
  • Governance, Security, Assurance and Compliance
  • Service Management Optimisation

Ultimately getting Cloud Optimization automated will deliver to the business what they are looking for – accelerated business outcomes with less risk and reduced cost!

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Kumolus Cloud Partners …

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