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Kumolus Integrating with Native Cloud Tools

Integrating with native and 3rd party Cloud and DevOps tooling to manage and govern multi-cloud environments is pivotal for smooth integration into not just the Cloud Provider but also other elements of your Enterprise multi-Cloud and DevOps ecosystem . Kumolus integrates seamlessly with native Cloud provider tools including Cloud Formation templates and Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and varios DevOps tools such as Jenkins, Spinnaker, Puppet, Ansible, Chef and many others. Talk to the Kumolus team about how we can accelerate, govern, manage, secure and optimise your Cloud experience.

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CMP (SaaS) CMP (Enterprise)
Build and Manage
Template Designer (Provisioning, Cost Forecast, Revisions)
Manage (Changes, Documentation, revisions)
Discovery / Brownfields
Cost Service Adviser
Full Discovery
Workload Placement
Technology Selection
Key Management
Security Adviser and Recommendations
Cost Usage
Cost Savings and RightSizing
Reserved Instance Adviser
Operational / Usage Reports
Local Users
Virtual Appliance (AWS Marketplace)
Data stored in your AWS Region
Hosted inside your Region