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Microsoft Azure – Free Explorer

Kumolus has deployed a new release to its Cloud Management Platform, introducing Microsoft Azure.

Last year, we released a free Explorer product for AWS. This allowed users to visualise the AWS services deployed and access recommendations on how to optimise these services. From there users were able to identify cost reduction opportunities and identify where security vulnerabilities may exist across these services.

Today, we released an extension to the free Kumolus Explorer product to support Microsoft Azure.

Current Support

Users can now connect their Azure Subscriptions to the Kumolus platform. They can schedule a Synchronization to discover their services. From here you’re able to

See which regions you have services.
Visualize your environments (filter based on tags is also available).

Azure – Visualization – Environment drawing after tag filter

Check out a video of a demonstration or signup for free Here.
For setup documentation, click Here.

Please leave your feedback on the support link inside the platform.

Upcoming Support

In the next couple of weeks we will be adding a number of features including

1. Service Costings – I.e add the costing for each service and per VNET

2. Service Advisor – Provide visibility into where services are not being utilized and the potential benefit.

3. Dashboard – Roll all the details up onto our dashboard which gives you insight into multiple accounts or subscriptions in one location.