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Updates to the Kumolus CMP

Kumolus has deployed a new release to its Cloud Management Platform.

The latest release includes a number of functional improvements and feature additions. Read below to find out more!

Manage: Environment: Revisions, Copy to Template

We’ve improved support to guide you through the process of cloning an existing environment and moving it into a template for re-use or into another AWS account or network as part of the SDLC.

Stay tuned for a focus article that will delve deeper into these use cases.

Introduced management across new AWS service capabilities

Manage: the ability to modify a Volume from within the Kumolus platform.

Manage: the ability to attach or replace an IAM role for a provisioned  instance.

Enhancement to build and manage features

Access Management: When creating a new environment, we’ve added the ability to specify a default set of Access Management groups to be applied.

Build: Introduced automated alerts to the template designer. Notification when other users are accessing the same template and if you plan to click away that your template changes could be lost.

SOE: Ability to utilise instance tag values from within userdata.

Visibility: Automated process in re-creating environment images when modifications / changes have been made.

Management: Facility to allow users to initiate environment specific actions from the environment listing.