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Cloud provider market – AWS and a group of chasers

A look at the Cloud Provider competitive landscape shows a clear stratification of the market with AWS leading a chase group that includes its well-known, high-growth peers of Google, IBM and Microsoft.

Whilst AWS remains in a ‘league of its own’ the growth rate and performance of these fast moving competitors can no longer be ignored.
A recent industry survey by 451 Research shows that AWS has for the first time found itself lagging these other cloud providers in areas of user satisfaction with Google scoring higher in value for money, and IBM and Microsoft leading the pack in terms of understanding the customer’s business.

The question remains: How long will it be before the chase group can bridge the gap?

Kumolus - Cloud Market Positioning Q1 2017

CMP (SaaS) CMP (Enterprise)
Build and Manage
Template Designer (Provisioning, Cost Forecast, Revisions)
Manage (Changes, Documentation, revisions)
Discovery / Brownfields
Cost Service Adviser
Full Discovery
Workload Placement
Technology Selection
Key Management
Security Adviser and Recommendations
Cost Usage
Cost Savings and RightSizing
Reserved Instance Adviser
Operational / Usage Reports
Local Users
Virtual Appliance (AWS Marketplace)
Data stored in your AWS Region
Hosted inside your Region