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Event Scheduling

Kumolus has introduced the following new features to its Cloud Management Platform by strengthening it’s Scheduling capability.

  • User defined Timezone display
  • Event Scheduling by Tag
  • Event Schedule Editing

User Defined Timezone 

We’ve added the ability for you to nominate your system timezone. To configure your preferred timezone, you simply select and edit it from within your user profile.

Click on your ‘display name’ and then select ‘Profile’

Kumolus - Profile

Choose your preferred Timezone and update the profile. Time will now be displayed based on your selected timezone. Each user within the organisation has the ability to select the timezone they want to have displayed.

Kumolus - Profile - Timezone - Event Scheduling

Create Event Schedules using Tag filters

You can now set events based on your resource tags. A common use case is to set a tag with the following attributes:

Key: Runtime
Values: 24×7, 24×5, 10×5
Mandatory: Yes

Using these tags you can create events linked to policies such as environment Start / Stop & Back-up schedules.

Kumolus - Event Schedule - Tags

Editing Scheduled Events

You now have the ability to Edit existing events in the schedule.

Coming Soon

Coming soon is the ability to create exclusions on different services in an environment.