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Netapp Storage orchestration via OnCommand Cloud Manager integration

**UPDATED 25/05/2017** 

Kumolus has further enhanced its NetApp OnCommand Cloud Manager integration allowing users to:
  • Create and attach new NFS and CIFS Volumes to a new Host
  • Create and attach new NFS and CIFS Volumes to an existing Host
  • Attach existing NFS and CIFS Volumes to an existing Host

This feature means you can now orchestrate storage volume provisioning across both new and existing hosts with a single API call.

The new feature has been enabled by combining the features of OCCM, AWS EC2 Run Command and the Kumolus orchestration engine.

NetApp - Add New Volume


OnCommand Cloud Manager – Initial Integration

The Kumolus Cloud Management Platform is now integrated into OnCommand Cloud Manager to allow users to orchestrate the provision of NPS or Cloud Ontap Storage on AWS via the Kumolus ‘drag & drop’ or API platform interfaces.

This new feature is now being used by Kumolus and Netapp customers to orchestrate the provision of host attached NFS and CIFS volumes at scale.

Kumolus is undertaking further OCCM integrations so please check back for updates on the additional Netapp storage management features being incorporated into the Kumolus CMP.

NetApp is a global leader in Data Management offering a number of Cloud based solutions including NetApp Private Storage (NPS) and OnTap Cloud. These solutions provide users with the ability to:

  • Connect to many clouds and switch at any time.
  • Own and control your data.
  • Get the existing benefits of NetApp Storage Efficiency (Single
    Instance Storage, Thin Provisioning and FlexClone technologies)

The below link provides further information on the OCCM integration and access to the relevant configuration documentation.


Solution Screenshots

Check out some of the provisioning workflow for adding an Adapter to integrate Kumolus and NetApp OnCommand Cloud Manager

Add Adapter:

Kumolus - NetApp - Add Adapter

Synchronize and Show Available Filers:

Kumolus - NetApp

Filers: List Available Volumes

Kumolus - NetApp - List Volumes

Filers: List Configurations

Kumolus - NetApp - List Configurations

Filers: Add a new Configuration

Kumolus -NetApp - Add Configuration

Create a New template and add a NFS Volume

Kumolus - NetApp - Template

Provisioned Environment

Kumolus - NetApp - environment

Provisioned Server with NFS volume

Kumolus - NetApp - Server

For more information, check out our documentation Here.