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Improvements to Tagging

Kumolus has deployed a new release to its Cloud Management Platform.

Tagging allows you to apply a label to your cloud resources. These tags can assist in the ongoing operation and management of your cloud resources (e.g. business unit cost allocation).

Kumolus helps customers with the tagging of their cloud resources by allowing custom-defined business rules to automatically generate and populate the data in these labels. In our latest release we have further enhanced this tagging feature to enable you to:

  • Apply tagging rules by cloud service type (e.g. have a separate tagging rule apply to a security group and an instance).
  • Have separate tagging rules applied per object within a template. (e.g. as part of a multi tier architecture, users can apply a separate function tag to each tier.)
  • Store the tagging information as metadata within a template.
  • Add a tag type of “Date”. This function is currently being used by some of our customers to mark service expiry.
  • Add a tag description which provides an explanation for each tag that is being assigned.

Kumolus - Tagging

When building your templates you now have the ability to apply tags and have them saved as part of the template.

Kumolus - TaggingBuild

You have the ability to over-ride the tagging of a resource by editing any automatically assigned data. Access the over-ride function from the right hand side panel. (View/Edit Tags)

Kumolus - Tagging Build

Edit Panel

Kumolus - Tagging Build Right Edit

Please keep us updated with your feedback!