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Improvements to Asset Reporting, NFS and Security Groups

Kumolus has deployed a new release to its Cloud Management Platform.

SOE Configuration Categories

SOE Configurations are now easier to manage with the introduction of categories. Categories can be created and configurations can be filed away allowing for easy sorting of a larger number of configurations.

Asset Management Report

We’ve had a number of requests from customers performing large Cloud Migrations for a simple report of all services, across multiple accounts. We’ve introduced an Asset Report that gives key information about the services and helps with various reporting required in large migration programs.

NFS Volume and Filer tab

With the recent launch of storage vendors moving data management solutions into the cloud we’ve added the ability to work with NFS file systems.

We automated the provisioning of NFS volumes, with the ability to automatically specify Security Groups relating to the NFS hosts or NetApp ONTAP Cloud instances.

NetApp – ONTAP Cloud – Website
NetApp – ONTAP Cloud – AWS Marketplace

Kumolus - Volumes

Security Group improvements

We’ve added a number of improvements to managing Security Groups –

Allowed for Security Groups that are owned by a single environment, to be managed from the Environment page. If the Security Group is assigned to multiple Environments you can modify from the Settings: Adapters: VPCs.

We’ve also added more information to help you understand the impact of your SG changes. ie. what other environments will be impacted by the change.

Kumolus - Security Group

Subnet Group improvements

We’ve improved the Subnet Group functionality with the ability to see the other environments a Subnet Group is assigned too. We’ve also added the ability to unlink the Subnet Group from an environment that it’s no longer in use.

Other Improvements

SOE – Change AMI ID for selected SOE
Allows you to update the AMI-ID you have linked as part of an SOE, this will be reflected across all of your templates. It’s limited to the existing configurations of the AMI, ie. virtualization and platform must stay the same.

Default Naming Conventions
Default naming for each naming convention is now consistent with ## (some where ##, others #)

Build – Provision Tab
Tags values are now sorted alphabetically on the provisioning popup.

Template/Environment – Description

Multi-line formatting is now supported.

Environment Listing – List mode
Added traffic light for environment state and added extra columns for Cost to Date and Monthly Estimated Cost.

Kumolus - Environment

Improved API threshold algorithm for large scale implementations.