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Improvements to Dashboard, Subnet Groups and Naming Conventions

Kumolus has deployed a new release to its Cloud Management Platform.

Naming Conventions

We’ve added the ability to modify the next assigned digit for a particular naming convention you’re assigning to a type of object.

Global: General:

Kumolus - TaggingPref

Click on “Show last used Tagging preferences ##”

Kumolus - TaggingPref1

Volume ## – starts from 01 per instance

When you use the %hostname% variable, we reset the count of volume back to 01 per instance.

Subnet Group

We’ve added the ability to re-use Subnet Groups, when they were created outside the platform! (ie. Discovered through Synchronization)

Kumolus - Subnet Group

Improvements to Dashboard

We’ve cleaned up our Dashboard!

Kumolus - Dashboard

We’ve completed a number of other improvements to help with stability of various services including Private IPs, using IAM roles on Templates and %hostname% variable being lowercase.

Please get in touch if you have any new feedback!