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Introducing Service Manager, S3 and Aurora

Kumolus has deployed a new release to its Cloud Management Platform.

We’ve added a new Module called the Service Manager. The Service Manager will allow you to look after various services including S3, Key Pairs and Encryption Keys. (Key Pairs and Encryption keys, were previously in Global Settings).

Service Manager – S3

We’ve added the ability to Create, Delete, Edit and Share S3 buckets to your environments.

Kumolus - Service Manager - S3
Kumolus – Service Manager – S3

RDS Database – Aurora Addition

We’ve added the ability to Build, Manage and Synchronize the Aurora Database.

Kumolus - RDS - Aurora

Build – Volume – Create from Snapshot

When creating a template, we’ve added the ability to specify a volume snapshot as part of the template. This allows you to create automated environments using existing data!

Build – RDS – Create from Snapshot

Similar to the Volume – Create from Snapshot, we’ve also added the ability when creating a template to specify a RDS Database Snapshot as part of the template. This allows you to create environments with existing data!

SOE Search Improvements

To improve the experience for adding SoE’s, we’ve optimized the search (14 seconds, down to 7 seconds) and also filter the results by latest creation first. We’ll continue to improve this experience over the next few weeks.

Provision Template from Template Listing

We’ve added the ability to provision from the build listing page. We’ll be adding a detailed listing view in the next sprint to prevent the need to edit the template before provisioning!

Note the new “Play” button!

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