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Introducting Application Budgets

Kumolus has added the ability to set user defined Application Budgets within the Platform.

The pay-as-you-go cloud model can introduce challenges when it comes to managing costs and sticking to budgets. Add to this, multiple teams and multiple projects all operating simultaneously across your cloud and the problem amplifies.

Kumolus has added a new feature that allows you to define a financial budget to a group of users or across a defined project and have the platform send alerts when that budget is exceeded.

Background on Kumolus terminology:

* An Application is made up of a collection of Environments within the Kumolus CMP. By grouping environments into an application you can easily apply controls around Budgets, User Access and Reporting.
* An Environment is a collection of services (such EC2 instances, EBS, LB, Snapshots, etc). By grouping services into environments you can apply service level controls around Backup routines, Task Automation, Access and Reporting.

In our latest release we’ve introduced the ability to:

    1. Enforce the use of Applications. i.e. When provisioning a Template, the user must have access to an Application (this is now set as a Default).

Kumolus - Applications - Budget
Kumolus – Global Settings – Enable Application Budgets

Kumolus - Applications - Budget
Kumolus – Build – Provision – Mandatory to Select Application

    2. Control Access to an Application, Set a group/s to have access to an application. (See: Manage – Applications – Edit)
    3. Set a Budget Limit on an Application
    4. Alert the Budget has been exceeded.  (See: Manage – Applications – Edit)

Kumolus - Applications - Budget
Kumolus – Manage – Applications

Kumolus - Applications - Budget
Kumolus – Applications – Edit

Kumolus - Applications - Budget
Kumolus – Applications – View