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Naming, Tagging and Manage Improvements

Viewer and Unallocated Improvements

We’ve added the support to use multiple tag filters.

Kumolus - MultiFilters

Naming and Tagging Conventions Improvements

Numerous improvements to naming and tagging conventions.

Global variables syntax was modified from $$ to %string%.

%username% Username of current logged in user
%soename% Display name of AMI added via SOE OS’s module
%soeconfiguration% Configuration name of AMI added via SOE OS’s (being used on build)
%templatename% Name of template
%templateversion% Version of template
%environmentname% Name of environment

Manage Improvements

Added the ability to Add a Load Balancer to an environment and made a number of improvements.

Added the last backup date/time.

Kumolus - Snapshotbackup
Added Monthly Estimated cost for all services

Kumolus - EstimatedCost

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for the release of S3, Manage – Tagging Edit and Monitor Improvements in preparation for Automated / Manual Right Sizing.