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Introducing Automated Backups for your environments!

Kumolus has added Automated Backups for your environments to it’s Cloud Management Platform.

Backup Policies/Schedules

AWS best practice is to ensure any data critical to your business should be replicated outside of the AWS account that is resides in (Read about CodeSpaces, a startup who lost its business in one day!)

Kumolus has added the ability to specify your Backup Policies and automated the Scheduling, ensuring visibility and piece of mind that your data is safe.

Securing your data is simple

  1. Setup a New AWS account and create a new adapter (type: Backup) in Kumolus

Kumolus - BackupAdapter

  1. From Global Settings and Backup Policies – Add a Backup Policy
  2. Kumolus - BackupPolicy
  3. From Event Scheduler – Schedule your policies

Kumolus - BackupSchedule