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Naming/Tagging, Manage and Automation improvements!

Kumolus has deployed a new release of it’s Cloud Management Platform.

Check out some of features from the release below.

Naming and Tagging Conventions Improvements

1. Kumolus only tag
Add an internal Kumolus tag, so now you will be able to create Kumolus internal tags outside the 10 AWS tags.

2. Exemption on Naming Convention and Tagging

If your user has the role permissions for Naming and Tagging Convention exemptions, while provisioning  there is a facility to apply tags under the following scenario:

– Not at all
– Kumolus Only (Note: only the meta data is applied inside Kumolus for both Internal and Provider tags, when you manage an environment later you can apply into the Provider)
– Both ( Kumolus + Provider )

If you don’t have the role, it will default to Both.

Kumolus - Tagging

3. Complex Increment

Increment (variable, grouping of variable)
Ex: abcweb02-aaa (N/C: ($$department{3}$$function{2})##-aaa)

Numbering will start again for different adapter and region.

4. Free text in naming from Template

We’ve provided an optional facility to provide a free text from the template designer into an object.

If you select the free text option from the naming convention settings, it will be mandatory to apply on the template designer.


Added Auto Synchronization to both manual and scheduled Synchronization. This further automates the ability to bring services into Kumolus ready to made into environments.


We’ve introduced on Terminate Environment, the ability to move the Detached Services (ie. Volumes, EIP, Volume and RDS Snapshots) to the Service Adviser. Meta Data is stored to track their previous history.

Kumolus - Environment Terminate

Improvements to Add new server from Manage – Environment page (Select SOE configuration and create default NIC)


Added PDF export for Explorer (we’ll continue to improve this feature over the coming sprints)

There are a heap of other improvements from your feedback! So please keep it coming! Keep an eye out over the next fortnight as we add the ability to automate AWS best practice items like getting your backup data out of your main accounts!