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SOE, Cost and Tagging improvements!

Kumolus has deployed a new release of it’s Cloud Management Platform.

Check out some of features from the release below.

SOE Default Configurations

Allowing you to create default configurations you can assign to AMI’s. This way is simple to keep your favourite web server or app server configurations up to date.

We also updated the search menu’s under SOE!

Kumolus - SOE

Synchronization – Show Services – Cost information

Update to show monthly costs for each type of service and the individual service. We also addressed a bug relating to public snapshots. These costs are no longer considered Service Adviser.

Kumolus - Service Adviser

Synchronization – Display tags

Due to popular demand, we’ve added the ability to display the tags for your services. In the coming weeks we will also enhance the filter to show objects without tags.

Kumolus - Unallocated - View Tags

Copy Template improvements

We’ve improved the ability to copy Templates from Environment revisions.