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SaaS – New Feature Additions!

Kumolus has deployed a new release of it’s Cloud Management Platform.

Some of the highlights from the release are highlighted below.

Adapter Types – Normal / Consolidated Billing Adapter

We’ve introduced Adapter Types, which allows you to have a billing adapter with only access to obtain the S3 bucket billing data. No resources are able to be provisioned to this Adapter.



NACL – Ability to modify

We’ve added the ability to modify your NACLs from within the Adapters / VPC and Network configuration area.


SoEs – Kumolus environment variables to be used in UserData field

We’ve had popular demand to introduce the variables from our platform into the UserData field on provision. You can user the following variables from your UserData scripts.

$$servername – Server name of the server that’s being provisioned.
$$username –
$$environmentname – Name of the environment that’s being provisioned.

Synchronization – Handle tagging on saving of services

Follows standard tagging rules when saving services into Kumolus. In future sprints we will better handle existing tags / modifications.

S3 – Introduction

We’ve introduced the ability to discover and use S3 buckets throughout the platform configuration. We will extend this to our standard Settings/Build/Manage throughout the platform over the coming sprints.

Environment – add support for rename

Ability to rename your environment names.