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AWS Summit – Sydney

Wow! What an event! 2 days, 6500 people in attendance, 50 sponsors, at least 150+ AWS employees! How fast is this company growing?

Kumolus - AWS Summit - Booth

Thank you to everyone who came past our booth and then signed up to our Cloud Management Platform. Some really exciting feedback has come on both our (free) Explorer and Full Cloud Management products. We will quickly roll this feedback into the platform over the next couple of sprints!

AWS Partner Summit

AWS Summit - Kumolus - Speaker

I was luckily enough to share some of our experiences on how the AWS Marketplace has helped Kumolus grow it’s business. For those of you who missed out on that presentation I’ve included some of the key benefits below;

  • Global Distribution
  • Ease of Procurement for customers
  • No Chasing Money
  • Enhanced Security/Data Regulation rules for customers by hosting software inside an internal VPC in their appropriate region
  • Deployment of Software is Easier – no installs, no lengthy config, and obviously no custom hardware required to support the software
  • Consumption based pricing

If you would like to hear more about our experience with the AWS Marketplace, please reach out through the Contact Us link.

Remember to signup to our Free Explorer which let’s you visualize your environments and see Cost Recommendations!

See you all next year!