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Visualization – Filter by Tags

Kumolus has deployed new features and improvements to it’s Enterprise Cloud Management Platform, read below to find out more!

New Features

Discovery View – Filter by Tags

Once you’ve run Synchronization from the Synchronization Report you have been able to visualize your VPC. From here you’ve been able to manually modify and create the appropriate environments.

To enhance this process, we’ve added the capability to filter the visualization by your tags. From here you’re able to create environments.

Example (or watch a video here (jump to the ~2:30 mark for the filtering)

Synchronization Report -> View VPC

Kumolus - Cloud Management - Visualise

Click the Filter Kumolus - Cloud Management - Icon Icon

Filter by your appropriate Tags

Kumolus - Cloud Management - Filter

Add Filter

Kumolus - Filter

Visualize and Create an environment from only the appropriate services.

Kumolus - Cloud Management Visualization

Improvements to Existing Features

Access Management We completed a number of improvements to our Access Management module to improve the user experience.

Quick Search Added other areas of application to complete searches, like Adapters -> VPC.

Event Scheduler Added environment related tasks, ie. Start, Stop and Terminate environments.