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Kumolus SaaS features additions

Kumolus has deployed a new release of it’s Enterprise Cloud Management Platform.

Another exciting couple of weeks has passed which sees the introduction of some really nice features including a Quick Search module, template access control and a heap of improvements to existing components like re-apply tags across environments.

So what’s new with this release?

Firstly the introduction of some exciting new features!

Quick Search

When you get that email from AWS telling you that i-1111111 expires on Wednesday next week, now you can search across all of your services (globally, across multiple accounts) and directly go straight through to the environment management page.

Kumolus - Quick Search

Template Access Management

Similar to the feature available for controlling access to environments with Access Management groups, we’ve implemented the feature to control the access to templates.

By default, the template will be only available to the user who creates them. You will then need to provide access to other templates. (Existing templates will be available to everyone, you will need to edit the template and change the access)

Kumolus - Template Access Management 1

Kumolus - Template Access Management 2

User Logging Report

We’ve introduced a report that logs all user activity in the platform, allowing you to have full traceability on who completed what action from the one report!

We will continue to work on the functionality of the report and the events in logs over the coming weeks!

Improvements to existing functionality

Copy Template

Copy Template can now be copied across Adapters (limited to same region).

From environments, selecting a revision and hitting the copy template icon launches a simple Wizard which allows you to modify Adapters, and VPC/Subnets)

Kumolus - Environment - Copy Template 1

Note: the UI allows you to map the subnets to each other, from the separate VPCs. Ie. if you have a Web Subnet in each VPC, you can map these together and your environments will be provisioned in the correct networks.

Kumolus - Environment - Copy Template 2

Event Scheduler

Improvements to Delete Event (for Repeat), UI and Time Zone.

Re-Apply Tags for Environments

The ability to Re-Apply tags to environments. In the case where the Tags have been modified from outside of Kumolus.

We will continue to improve this functionality over the coming weeks, allowing you to audit all of your environments and schedule the tagging of any incorrect objects.

Kumolus - Environment Re - Apply Tags