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Who Are We?

We are a team of diverse people, striving to continually deliver benefit to create something that is a living, evolving and great collective achievement.
From Telecommunication’s, Media, Medicine and Logistic’s … Wine, Gaming and Government – our Cloud Automation platform helps companies get what they need to get done without wasting time on what they don’t do best.
Our mission is to unleash the power of Cloud using automation, to manage and virtually transform network and application services for every team and organisation.

Our Values

Relentless focus on Customer Partnership
Leaders focus on what delivers real benefit to a customer. They work for the customer interest and focus on outcomes benefiting both parties, now and for years to come.


Here to help!
Leaders are here to help. They think about others before themselves, concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than personal gain. They never stop trying to understand how they can help in any situation.


Bias for Action – making things Better!
Leaders get things done. They think about effecting something to make it better. Speed matters!
Collaborative Teaming, Learning and Curiosity
Leaders recognize the value of people. They love Teams, Collaboration and Curiosity knowing that the power of many is better than the few.
Earn Trust and have Integrity
Leaders have the utmost integrity, earn trust and inspire personal, organizational and societal transformation, with an outcome of human and ecological well-being.
Own something you don’t know
Leaders are right a lot. Leaders know when they don’t know and surround themselves with people who know more.
We’ve got your back
Leaders help when things go wrong. They think about resolving the situation, no matter the cause to make things right.
Deliver the Highest Standards
Leaders have relentlessly high standards. They raise the bar with every feature, service, conversation, hire and promotion. Leaders ensure that defects do not get sent down the line and that problems are fixed so they stay fixed.
Always be your best!
Leaders have relentlessly high standards. They raise the bar socially and corporately with every conversation, feature, service, review, hire, promotion and chin wag.

Meet the Team

Michael Salleo
CTO and Co-Founder

Passionate entrepreneur with start-up pedigree, a history of successful technology companies and innovation development leadership roles.

Josh McGrath
CEO and Co-Founder

Get the job done, focused leader with 25 years of outcome delivery experience in the most complex business, technology and enterprise environments.

Glen Kerr
Vice President – Global Go to Market

Global GTM strategy specialist, founder of multi-national web technology companies and passionate about customer success and innovation outcomes.

Dinesh Mudit
Director of India, Sales and Operations

Strong management skills, business development and partnership aligned with a pedigree of building strong team culture with execution focus.

Blog – Announcements and Learnings

Cloud Managed Services Success with Advent One

Cloud Managed Services SUCCESS STORY: Advent ONE Experience you can count on Kumolus Cloud Management Problem Solved: Advent ONE has transformed the way it provides Cloud Managed Services to it’s clients; streamlining discovery, provisioning, migration, security compliance and cost optimisation. Advent One can now deliver full-stack management capability for Cloud Infrastructure, Containerised Platforms, Data Management, [...]

AWS Cost Optimization – Part 2

In the previous post, AWS Cost Optimization, we covered the 3 key components to AWS Cost Optimization; Visibility Optimize Automate But focused on the core AWS Services, in this post we extend over a large number of other services including: Redshift, Cloudwatch and Cloudtrail. Redshift Only turn on Redshift clusters when required - Understand your [...]

AWS Cost Optimization

We've had a large number of people reach out over the past fortnight in regards to helping with their AWS Costs. The great thing about AWS charges is the majority are variable costs and can be reduced without breaking contracts! We generally find in Enterprise there is an opportunity to reduce cloud costs by up [...]

AWS Well Architected CIS and PCI Security

AWS Advanced Technology Partner - Cloud Management Managing AWS Well Architected, CIS and PCI Security at scale is a big challenge for organisations. Many organisations are struggling to keep track of their application architectures and associated security complexities. These issues are prevalent in organisations that have been in AWS for some time due to staff [...]