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Intuitive Cloud Cost Optimisation, Compliance, Security and Governance

We make it easy to Visualize, Optimize and Automate day-2 Operations in AWS and Azure Clouds

Cost Optimization




Cloud Cost Management and Optimization capabilities to help you control cloud services related spending by monitoring, reporting and automatically optimizing Cloud resources.

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With 350+ automated checks we provide a true visual representation of Security vulnerabilities over full-stack Cloud architectures.

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Automate Compliance monitoring of new and existing application environments to help you continuously understand your security and compliance posture.

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Automating your Cloud environments day-2 operational governance ensuring backups, availability, patching, tagging and other repetitive activities are schedule driven.

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“Kumolus provided us with instant Visibility into all our customers Cloud spend and allowed us to automate 30% savings on an on-going basis”

Derek George, CTO (Financial Services)

Solving real customer problems:

Media Advertising

2000+ Virtual Machines
Issues with Legacy Architectures
Operational Scaling Issues
2M in Wasted Cloud Cost

Managed Service Provider

Many large Customer Accounts
Security Exposures
Cost Optimisation Automation
Backup and Patching Automation

Retail Distribution

AWS and Azure Requirements
Lack of Cost Visibility

Only 60% Optimised
No Cost Remediation Automation

Telco Provider

Many Shadow Cloud Accounts
No Governance and Control
Lack of Cost Visibility
Stakeholder Engagement Difficult

A fresh approach to Day-2 Cloud Operations

The new world of Day-2 Automated Intelligent Cloud Operations

Realize competitive advantage for your business @ scale automating technology, economics, cost management, security, governance and compliance.

Simplify Security and Regulatory Compliance

Continuously monitor existing application environments to help you continually improve your security and compliance posture.

Customized for your cloud

Full product – 30 Days – NO Credit Card Required

CMP (SaaS) CMP (Enterprise)
Build and Manage
Template Designer (Provisioning, Cost Forecast, Revisions)
Manage (Changes, Documentation, revisions)
Discovery / Brownfields
Cost Service Adviser
Full Discovery
Workload Placement
Technology Selection
Key Management
Security Adviser and Recommendations
Cost Usage
Cost Savings and RightSizing
Reserved Instance Adviser
Operational / Usage Reports
Local Users
Virtual Appliance (AWS Marketplace)
Data stored in your AWS Region
Hosted inside your Region